About Us

Hi, we’re the Williams family and we want to welcome you to our Family Restaurant and Buffet.

Williams Family Photo

We’ve been serving the Lima Community for 40 years and take great pride in the quality of our “homemade food” and freshness of our rolls and desserts prepared right from our in-house bakery. We are very proud of our entire staff of over 70 great people who
take care of you while you are here. Thanks for dining with us!

OUR History

Fire Destroys Restored Barn: At 4:30 am on April 27, 1984, Old Barn Out Back owner Mel Williams woke to hearing the news a businessman dreads. Lightening struck the power pole behind the restaurant sending 24,000 volts the electrical service and setting fire to the entire dining room almost at once. By the time the Elida and Lima Fire Departments arrived, the sky was vivid orange and the Old Barn was a blazing inferno.

Originally build in the mid 1860’s by German immigrant, John William Rothe, the barn was located on North Cole Street, south of Diller Road. It was dismantled, moved and restored as a family-type restaurant. The Williams family along with many of their friends worked long and hard electrifying lanterns, staining, hanging wallpaper, collecting old items, etc. Now everything was gone.

The “New” Old Barn Out Back: The architects were faced with a challenge – how to keep the spirit of the Old Barn alive under the stricter Health code and safety standards. Architect Peter Lenz researched books, magazines and paintings before discovering a 90 year old hayloft in his neighbor’s barn inspiring him with structural concept – a clear and open 65’ wide space supported only by

The next problem was to find a structural engineer with experience and knowledge in constructing buildings with heavy timber-a lost art. Phone calls and inquires as far away as Tacoma, Washington helped Mr. Lenz locate a firm in Columbus capable and willing to tackle the Challenge.

The strength of the roof is derived from a bend in the roof rafters developed by “Gambrel Barn roof” shape. Typically, in a 23,000 square foot building, this structure would be hidden under fire-protective materials. By full sprinklering the new building, the barn structure would remain visible for all to enjoy. This allowed the blending of old barn wood with new heavy timber construction.

The Old Barn Out Back is divided into 4 major spaces: a bakery; a 5,200 sq. ft. Kitchen capable of preparing 1,000 meals; a 450 seat banquet facility with separate entrance and parking lot’ and finally the 10,000 sq. ft. Restaurant seating 350 on the main floor and loft. After the fire, the only thing left standing was the chimney. The new stone fireplace was enlarged and built around the old
chimney. The trademark of the new Barn is its silver roof, bright red siding and large chimney.

Meet Our Staff

Pete & Bridgett Williams
Cindy Blosser & Michelle Pitchford
Banquet & Catering Managers
Rachel Staup
Restaurant D.R. Mgr


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